How to create a healthy workplace environment

A healthy environment at work is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. It leads to bringing greater sales, improves the productivity of a company in many ways that it reduces costs of absenteeism, turnover and workers’ compensation. It also benefit’s employees on being more motivated, committed and makes them feel good about coming to work every day.

Many companies fail to practice good techniques to engage their employees. There are five aspects to look into when creating a healthy workplace environment:

  • Open and honest communication

An honest and open communication gives employees the feel that their opinions are of value to the company. It gives them a sense of belongness. Employees then would perceive work as a something meaningful where their contributions matter. To ensure that everyone is working within the mission, vision and the company’s goals. It’s important to have an open discussion every while and then to allow employees to share their opinions, views and perceptions. This promotes trust, respect and understanding between all company members at all levels.

  • Reward and Support

As a recognition of employees hard work it’s important to reward them to encourage them to continue these positive behaviors. Rewards can take two forms: monetary and verbally. Managers need to recognize and reward employees in order to promote the value of these employees within the company which will give them the eager to offer more and be more creative and motivated to achieve the company’s goal efficiently.

  • Team work

Maintaining a strong team spirit is essential for a healthy workplace environment. This sense of support and unity between organizational members helps in solving any problems that encounter the organization Managers need to educate employees to not only focus on themselves but work for the team as a whole. Having regular ice-breaking activities that involves teamwork would promote the acceptance of the differences in perspectives and between team members and would make their relationships stronger. When team members are strongly bonded, they will support whatever decision made as a team.

  • Work-life balance

When employees feel the sense of balance between their work and personal life, it would improve their job satisfaction. They would feel more confident to perform their best at work and it would promote creative thinking.

Managers need to understand that by giving employees incentives and rewards for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For example, attending and leaving on time. It’s misleading to deliver the idea that good employees are those who put a lot of work and sacrifice their personal time to fulfill work related goals. It encourages the idea of workaholics who would prefer neglecting their personal life for work. Managers should deliver the idea of the importance and benefits of having a good balance between work and personal life.

  • Training and development

Training presents an opportunity to recognize employees’ weaknesses, improve their performance and to expand the knowledge base of all employees. Managers need to imped a training and development focused organizations. This would improve in enhancing and sustaining the productivity of an organization. A positive work environment must have routine trainings to improve efficiency and instill positive attitudes and behaviors among employees.



By Zahraa Madan