7 Ways To Mould Yourself Into The Perfect Candidate

  • A clear and concise CV.  A great CV will have no mistakes and be easy to read. Often employers will be reviewing hundreds of CV’s per day and for your CV to pass this stage it should be well laid out and presentable.


  • Align your strengths in the CV to what the employer is looking for. Tailor your CV to suit the job specification, ensuring you are being truthful at all times. You must be able to stand over and back up all claims/achievements using examples wherever possible.


  • 3) Respond promptly to any requests for information from the employer, such as additional documentation like a degree certificate.


  • Make a great first impression – whether it’s your CV or a 1st interview – employers are prone to making decisions very quickly – or at least forming opinions within the first 30 seconds. Be conscious of this when considering the presentation of your CV and your own personal presentation at an interview.


  • During the interview process, build rapport with the employer. An employer is looking to hire the best person for the job, but often this runs parallel with whom the employer gets on with best and who he/she feels will fit best into the team.  An interview process is a very short time frame to make this assessment, so take every opportunity to establish any common areas of interest or talk about non work related matters etc..  Usually these opportunities present themselves at the beginning or the end of an interview.


  • Avoid changing your expectations when it comes to salary package. If the employer offers what you have asked for, it will be a black mark against you if you try to negotiate at this stage. You should be up front regarding your expectations. If you choose to, an employer will usually respect you for pushing hard and making a case regarding your salary but once your expectations have been clearly communicated, they should not change.


  • Make yourself available. Long notice periods, eg 3 months or more, can be a turn off for employers. Once the hiring decision is made, they will want you to start ASAP.