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9 Tips for Nailing a Skype Interview

1. Make no EXCUSES In case you’re making a request to do an interview over Skype, saying you’d rather use the telephone, or that you have a bad internet connection, or that you don’t have a Skype account is a bad move. Answering your first question in the interview by providing excuses is definitely a […]

Job Market Trends in Saudi Arabia

Anyone seeking employment in Saudi Arabia is well aware that the announcement of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan outlines some dramatic shifts in its economy. Designed to help the country wean itself from oil, it means that the job market in Saudi Arabia is going to shift, as well. How? According to one expert, “Jobs […]

Tips for Finding Your Dream Job

Are you feeling tired from all of the time you spend on job oriented websites or sending resumes to dozens (or more) companies? Do you feel like you might be doing something wrong? If so, you are not alone. Many people seeking a job (whether it is their first job after graduating or just a […]

Top Tips for Preparing for a Job Interview

The job market in all parts of the globe is incredibly competitive, and this is true whether you are seeking an entry level job just after graduating or completing your studies, or if you are an experienced worker with years of knowledge available. This means that you need to be sure that your CV or […]

Top Tips for Writing a Winning CV/Resume

The idea of the CV or resume is to convey as much information as you can, while also convincing the recruiter or hiring professional that you are the best fit for the job. While other guides might tell you about the order of the headings, the spacing or the fonts that make good impressions, these […]

Advice for Graduates Seeking Their First Job

Transitioning from the classroom or campus to the office is a big change, and it won’t matter if you are taking a job in the public or private sector. It is an entirely different world, and instead of doing your best on assignments and listening to professors, it is the time to apply all that […]

6 Reasons an Employer Will Love Your CV

With the proliferation of online job portals, CV databases and social networking, it has never been easier to apply for jobs. This has resulted in an explosion in the number of CVs being received by employers. Here are a number of points to consider to help give your CV the best chance of success!   […]

7 Ways To Mould Yourself Into The Perfect Candidate

A clear and concise CV.  A great CV will have no mistakes and be easy to read. Often employers will be reviewing hundreds of CV’s per day and for your CV to pass this stage it should be well laid out and presentable.   Align your strengths in the CV to what the employer is […]

6 Key Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

There is a direct link between a team of motivated employees and the success of a business. The awareness of this link is what leads to companies being more successful than others. Well-aware and smart business owners make sure to keep the motivation of their employees as a top priority. Do you know why you […]

How to Secure Yourself a Job After your Internship

How to Secure Yourself a Job After your Internship By following these recommendations, you’re guaranteed to land a job: Never show up late. Showing up late displays a lack of interest in the job and a lack of respect to your employer. Overall, it is just not a good look. By showing up even a […]