Bahrain tops Middle East for work-life balance – survey

Bahrain is the second best country in the world for expat work-life balance, behind only Denmark, according to a new report from InterNations.

In its “Expat Insider” survey – which queried over 12,500 respondents in 188 countries – InterNations found that 46 percent of expats cited work-related reasons for moving to Bahrain, while 69 percent said they were satisfied with work-life balance.

Additionally, 72 percent of respondents in Bahrain reported being satisfied with working hours, which averaged 42.9 hours a week, compared to the global average of 44.3 hours.

Of the respondents in Bahrain, 73 percent said they were “generally satisfied” with their work, while 36 percent said they were “completely satisfied”.

Denmark was ranked first for work-life balance, followed by Bahrain, Norway, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Oman and Malta.

In Oman, 43 percent of expats reported moving to Oman for work-related reasons, and 60 percent said they were generally satisfied with their job.