How to find motivation at work

Studies shows that employee motivation and happiness are in line with the productivity level of that individual. The less happy an employee is, the less productive and motivated he/she will be. A study also showed that only 13% of the workforce are actively engaged in their job.

Work Motivation is the work-related behavior, It’s the internal set of forces that’s concerned with positive or negative incentives.

Moreover, it can be used to predict behavior as a helpful tool among individuals with the help of other environmental factors.

Structuring the work environment can aid in encouraging positive productive workplace behaviors and that’s an important issue that organizations need to understand.

How can an individual keep their motivation, happiness and satisfaction at its highest levels? Here’s some helpful tips.

  1. Feedback request.

Getting so focused can make you lose sight of the little details that can improve the big picture. Lack of motivation is a result of not knowing what ways and aspects to improve on and how to do so as well. A helpful solution is to ask your co-workers or leaders for feedback. This can help you to grow, learn more and improve your know-how knowledge.

  1. Start saying ‘No’.

Saying yes to everything can make you feel unmotivated and result in work burnout. While on the other hand science shows that saying no can improve your productivity and mental health. We have to put in mind that saying no to whomever who’s asking you is a form of saying yes to your inner self and to what you truly want to commit yourself to.

  1. Take your vacations.

The habit of not taking your vacation leave needs to stop. As it can make you feel more stressed out and unmotivated. Taking a break from time to time can get you back on track, more refreshed and rejuvenated. It also results in higher levels of energy and motivation.



  1. Start celebrating others.

Taking the focus off yourself and congratulating people on their achievements, projects and promotions will get you off the feeling of being uninspired and would lead to having more positive interactions and increased productivity. This positive act leads to stronger friendships and improved satisfaction.




By Zahra Madan