How to know that you are a Workaholic?


Workaholism is not a new problem, however, the technology available today like Smartphones and laptops had accelerated the problem. People now can work anywhere anytime, and for some people this means working all day.

A study published by University of Bergen in Norway, linked workaholic tendencies to other psychiatric issues, like obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.

But how to distinguish between working hard and becoming a workaholic? Here are some questions that can help you know if you are a workaholic

  1. It taking work home sounds like something normal for you?
  2. Do you spend more time at work that you initially intended?
  3. Do you think how you can free more time for work?
  4. What kind of conversation do you have with your family and friends? f you’re a workaholic, chances are your input will almost surely be work-related
  5. Do you have constant arguments with your family because they feel neglected?
  6. Do you keep on checking your work email?
  7. Are you always the first to arrive to the office and the last to leave?
  8. Does it frustrate you that your team members don’t work as hard as you do?
  9. Does holiday sounds like a waste of time to you?
  10. Do you go to work even when you are really sick?
  11. Do you think about what happened at work before you go to bed?




By Zainab Sayed