Making the workplace into a fun place

Workplace from the word itself conjures mixed feelings of boredom and stress, mind blowing fact: the happier your employees the more productive they will be and they’re more likely to stick around in the long run, sound too good to be true? Many studies have proven the connection between employees happiness with their productivity.

Here are some great tips on how to turn your workplace into a fun place it’s time to turn that frown upside down:-

  • Create a games area:

If you want the employees to stay motivated and refreshed, providing a fun relaxing break room will help in which they can step away from their desks to enjoy and play some games or just chill.

  • Encourage hobbies at work:

Everyone has a hobby they’re passionate about so why not let employees do what makes them stress free and relaxing like listening to music, reading… etc.

  • Decorate your office:

Spending a huge portion of your time at work so it’s bound for you t o hate your office, your office is a reflection of your brand get everyone involved in this process so that it will harmonize everyone’s vibes.

  • Encouraging friendships (howdy neighbor):

Workplace friendships can help you develop a culture of strong team bond that will enhance team building skills and get everyone engaged to form a better work task force.

  • Have regular meetings that are not business related:

Give employees an opportunity to express and share their opinions about other subjects they’re interested in so that will encourage them to express better and develop their communication and public speaking skills.

  • Blast music:

Usually at 3 o’clock everyone starts to slump blast music so everyone can chip in by clapping or dancing and just have fun.

  • Have a talent show:

Give employees a center stage to showcase their talent whether it’s playing instruments, dancing, or doing magic.


By Eman Almansoor