Steps helping you tackle a new project

All people who are working would agree that tackling a new project is very messy and hard, especially if you’re the type of person like myself who would freak out and start panicking and if you’re in some sort line of work that haven’t experiences such a thing “you’re very lucky” *annoyed face*.

But the thing is, regardless of whether you freak out or not, its part of your job to make sure it gets done you won’t always be able to get formal company training, and often, your boss won’t be able to guide you through the task step-by-step; it’s up to you to figure out how to see it through.

So here’s some steps that you can follow that can help you:-

  • Get Rid of Your Negative attitude

When you’re tasked with something new and difficult, your first thought is likely, “I can’t do this.” I’ve been there, going through all the stages of a new difficult project, from confusion to denial  to all-out refusal, eventually, though, you realize that you do, have to do it—and the sooner you get started, the better. So, kick the negativity, and try to approach the project with the attitude that you’re going to use the task to gain skills, and prove to your boss that you’re up for anything.

  • Baby steps

I’ve learned that the best first step for tackling a seemingly impossible project is to tackle a small portion of the task  whether it’s creating spreadsheets you’ll use or looking up the phone number of a contact you need to get in touch with, just start.

  • Gather Information and Resources

it’s time to dig in and face the reality of the situation: You may not have all the tools or knowledge you need to actually complete the project. But that’s OK—you just have to track them down, sometimes it’s as easy as finding a knowledgeable colleague and asking if he can help you with the task, whatever or whoever it is, reach out and start asking for what you need. Once you take the initiative, you’ll typically find that people are willing to help and resources are available.

  • Just do it (pun intended)

You may still feel insecure about leaping into an unfamiliar task, but while the threat of failure is looming, there’s nothing you can do except to go for it, honestly, there are only two things that can happen: Either everything will go as planned and you’ll have an accomplishment, or you won’t quite get it on the first try and can move on to the last step.

  • Assess and Repeat

Once you’ve done something or anything your teammates and boss will be able to take a look at your progress so far and may be able to pinpoint where you went wrong or where you could approach the project or task differently.

Being tasked with an unfamiliar project can be incredibly scary, but when you approach it with a positive attitude and a well thought out strategy, it’s much more doable than you think. Take it from me.


By Eman Al Mansoor