Tips for Working Mothers

In these years, there are more working women than ever. However, many working mothers feel exhausted and stressed and guilty.

The lifestyle of a working mom can be overwhelming; it needs a lot of effort, time management techniques and patience.

The good news is that life can get easier with a bit of planning and family cooperation. Below are some tips to help you


  1. Let go of guilt

Whenever you feel guilty, think about how your work is benefiting you family. Perhaps, you are able to afford a good education.

  1. Prioritize sleeping:

Schedule sleeping like any other activity and go to bed on time, you can’t achieve much if you are under-rested

  1. Teach your children to cleanup

You don’t need to clean toys, put their clothes in laundry or hangout their coat. These things every +3 years old can do. You are actually helping your child to be more independent when you teach him/her these things

  1. Ask your kids/spouse to help you

At dinner time they can help setting up the table or they can do the dishes. You can give simple rewards at the end of the week to encourage kids to get involved in housework

  1. Plan your morning

Always get things organized the night before. You can pack your kids lunch, ask them to layout their clothes and pack their back bag, and get everyone to shower before bed. You can even plan when you will prepare for breakfast

  1. Stay connected during the day.

You can have a daily video call with your kids after school. This will help you and them to feel more connected.

  1. Stay away from the internet and social media

Internet can waste a lot of time without realizing. Always set a limit to your screen time.

  1. Create a special family activity

Plan an activity that your kids love to do on the weekend.

  1. Create a time for yourself

Even planning an hour 3 times a week can make you feel better and reenergized you. You can read a book, go the gym, catch up with friend or even spend some time with the nature.


By Zainab Sayed