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  On the 13th of February, our directors Barry Prost and Jamie Groom attended a seminar held in Ireland by ISABC discussing the fantastic opportunities for businesses in Saudi Arabia.   Mr. Abdulaziz Alghifaili – who is newly appointed as the international office director of SAGIA in London for northern Europe gave an insightful and […]

The diversity agenda is receiving strong government and social support in Saudi Arabia. Demand is strong for Saudi females and firms are struggling to source local female talent and have approached Propel Consult for support in finding these workers. The country’s current talent pool is likely to grow thanks to educational provisions from government and Vision 2030 […]

How to Achieve Your Full Potential

Have you ever gone home after a long day of work feeling like you are underachieving and not knowing how to reach your full potential? Every normal person has the desire to improve and achieve success in every area of life however we most people are unsure what their life goals and therefore feel like […]

Basic CV Structure

  Contact Information It’s important to include the contact information at the beginning of the CV at the top of the first page, this information in including the full name, Email, Address, Mobile and land line number.   Education information The Education information must be written after the contact information and Its presenting the name […]

How to develop your soft skills

Even if you possess the practical knowledge required to pursue a job, there is a big chance that you may not be chosen due to your lack of soft skills. Studies have shown that 75% of long-term job successes mainly require upon mastering soft skills and only 25% is dependent upon technical skills. The importance […]

How to create a healthy workplace environment

A healthy environment at work is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. It leads to bringing greater sales, improves the productivity of a company in many ways that it reduces costs of absenteeism, turnover and workers’ compensation. It also benefit’s employees on being more motivated, committed and makes them feel good […]

Tips to Nail a job interview

Job interviewing is a way of marketing yourself. It never seems easy. You need to keep an enthusiastic and upbeat attitude throughout the whole interview. Just a little preparation a time ahead can make everything less stressful. Preparation here is key. The more you take time to get ready the more you’ll be comfortable during […]

How to write a professional Email?

Emails are the most common form of communication in the business world. This why it is extremely important to get it right.  This article will provide tips to help you write a professional email   Subject line Be professional & clear Summarize the purpose of the email in few words   Greeting Use professional, salutations […]

Making a Referral Program Work: 6 Ways to Do it Right

An employee referral strategy can often seem to be an onerous task; creating a program that genuinely inspires, getting employees to take ownership of the initiative, and finding recruiting tools geared for a truly effective returns pattern. However, talent always breeds and reconnects you with greater talent. If you’re looking for high-quality employees, this is […]