Contingency Recruitment

Our Contingency Recruitment service allows us to work as contractors for your organization. Your organization only pays a fee if a candidate is successfully placed. Contingency has a lower level of commitment from both parties to complete the search and reduces potential success based on limited resources to attract the best talent. Our contingency service details include:
  • Zero financial commitment.
  • Search strategy. Your consultant will find candidates based on appropriate skills for the job description.
  • Candidate screenings are done quickly. The client may bear responsibility to direct overall search and handling of various source contacts.
  • Extensive interview preparation of both sides. Both candidates and hiring managers are fully briefed before the interview.
  • Candidates are given information about the company, position and personnel. Hiring managers are provided with details about the candidate’s personal motivations, interests, compensation requirements and more.
  • Potential candidate competition. Candidates can be presented to any organization looking for a similar person.
  • Extensive coverage of resignation process. This includes counter offer conversations and start date confirmation.
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