EMA Sets Date For Leaving London Headquarters

The EMA (European Medicines Agency) has set the date on which it is due to leave its London headquarters, it is due to leave it’s London office on March 1st and move to its the Spark building in Amsterdam until it completes it’s move to Zuidas, also in the Netherlands the expected reduction in workforce is expected to be 25% lower than the initially expected figure of 30%.

Prior to the decision to move from its Canary Wharf offices it had employed 890 people,  it is not expected to run at full capacity in 2019 with the EMA publishing documents outlining their key priorities for the coming year, they said areas such drug evaluation activities are not expected to be effected.

Key activities are to be focused on maintaining the availability of medicines and antimicrobial resistance in addition to strengthening pharmacovigilance and supporting innovation focused around patients.

See more at: Date for EMA move to set for March 1st

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