Surge Seen in Construction Jobs in Ireland

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Ireland’s Employment Levels

Construction jobs number have steadily increased, Ireland has experience in significant surge in the number of employed industry wide, particularly construction, fueled by a ever increasing demand for construction in a variety of areas, commercial, residential, etc.

While construction jobs have increased, the employment levels of have not quite reach peak Celtic Tiger levels for construction however the figures which released the the number of people who have returned to work. As it stands this increased by 2% to 50,500.

A New High

The total number of those working has also reach an all time high of 2.27 million, a new high for total employment in the country. The vast majority of the sectors have experienced increases in employment levels.

The Public Sector

The healthcare sector saw its numbers increase from 122,000 to 133,000. and civil service numbers rising from 38,100 to 41,700. The only sector receiving a drop being in the Irish Defence Forces with it figures slumping from 9,500 to 9,300.

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