The future of the workplace going forward post Covid-19

Society and the workplace have completely changed, and it is now being debated on what is needed to go forward in the future to progress. Thankfully, the infographics show what skills will be required for the future of working.

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Covid-19 is currently changing work culture as we know it between companies who are making roadmaps to begin opening again or companies that have been facilitating working from home, there has been a definite shift in work culture.

Many things were discussed when it came down to time to discuss this but here are a few examples. Many workers are currently looking for a future where there are reduced work hours like are currently now as it improves their work productivity significantly.

Many workers are also keen on learning or being skilled to improve themselves and learn skills they may not have had before especially when it comes to technology and IT. This will encourage many workers to do self-improvement for lifelong goals and their own careers

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