Valeo Galway To Create A Further 50 Jobs in Tuam, to Invest €44 million

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Valeo Galway investment

The French automotive supplier giant Valeo, is to invest €44 million into research and the development of an innovation programme which is to create 50 new jobs in Tuam, Co. Galway.

What is it for?

The aim of the investment is to increase the capabilities in the autonomous driving technology through the groups ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).
These new jobs are to be created in the coming three years, Valeo’s Irish R&D centre which will be set to grow to over 500 people. Valeo president, Marc Vrecko on the investment said: “We are very excited about the announcement today to further expand our footprint here to build on the proven innovation in product and provess R&D”.
Last year Valeo generated sales of €19.3bn and invested 13pc of its original equipment sales in research and development.

The investment will allow the group to expand and improve its current product line.

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