Government Makes Changes to Work Permit System in Ireland

Changes to Multiple Work Permits Ahead of Brexit

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Work Permits in Ireland Have Changed

The Government has announced changes to several areas areas for work permits in several sectors in Ireland.

The Employment Permit System sees regular reviews twice a year to establish and highlight shortages within the labour market and how to address these.

More Permits For Construction Jobs

The changes announced are intended to address multiple areas within several sectors to deal with the labour shortages. Construction is one of the areas which has seen increased permits.

The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation: Heather Humphreys will announce the significant changes which will address these shortages in key areas of the economy.

In the area of construction professionals, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors and construction project manager will now qualify for Critical Skills Employment Permits.

General Employment Permits will also be on offer to areas from welders , pipefitters, scaffolders and crance drivers, as well as plasterers and bricklayers.

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