Yala | 150 new jobs to be created in Cork with Global Shares

This is the start of the companies plan to have 1000 employees by the time we reach 2024. The announcement comes with 150 new opportunities at the technology company which specialises in making software for a company that assists with their management process.

The roles themselves will be quite varied ranging from financial reporting, cybersecurity, software development and compliance. The company is quite large already and oversees over 167 staff members already and they not only are based in Cork but Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New Jersey and Barcelona and many more locations. The company also has its own goal of reaching unicorn status which is reserved for companies that reach a valuation of 1bn.

The company had its beginnings originally in Clonakilty all the way going back to 2005 and since have worked with many well know businesses such the popular food chain Krispy Kreme and Fujistu. The company also had assistance from enterprise Ireland when creating the 1150 new jobs.

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