Yala | Globalization Partners to hire 25 at their new facility

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The US firm will be opening up their new facility in Galway soon and along with it comes 25 new technology roles they are looking to fill.

In the future, the company plans to create over 100 new jobs in three years. The roles will include the likes of UI and UX designers, software engineers and DevOps engineers,  The company that originated from America provides recruitment solutions to companies without them having to set up new branches or subsidiaries.

The investment into Ireland is being considered a huge win for the technology sector in Galway and for the company it will help them continue to create solutions to software development as a whole.

A statement from Globalization Partners CTO Gerard Keating said now is an “ideal time” to join the new team in Galway. “We are in an exciting period as a company in which we are shifting our solution to automate and scale. Ciaran’s team is critical as we map our technology to our long-term business plan.”

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