For an employee, it’s not just lost income, it’s losing an identity and community of colleagues. Worrying about the logical next step can feel overwhelming. Letting workers go is an unpleasant experience for managers, too. However, you can take steps to make layoffs as positive an experience as possible. Termination with dignity should always include outplacement services to help workers take a step forward in the next chapter of their careers.
Key Offerings
  • Review each employee’s CV
  • Develop and improve their CV
  • Career Coaching
  • Enhance individual interview skills
  • Advice on job market – GCC wide
  • Advice on market salary rates for each position
  • Spec the employee profile to potential new employers
  • Profiles will be on hotlist for next available position within Propel
  • To show our support, an updated Tracker report will be submitted every 2 weeks
What is Outplacement?
Outplacement is any service that assists a departing employee with obtaining a new job or transitioning to a new career. Access to outplacement services is offered by some employers as an employee benefit for their staff. Outplacement services can be beneficial for all parties monetarily, professionally, and emotionally and, often, ensure a peaceful end to a working relationship.

How does it help employers?

  • Protect your employer and corporate brand.
  • Improve productivity and morale among remaining employees.
  • Drive a positive experience for impacted employees.
  • Decrease costs associated with layoffs.

How does it help employees?

  • Outplacement services empower laid-off employees
  • Outplacement coaching is invaluable
  • Outplacement speeds up the job search process and good outplacement also supports those with more difficult transitions
  • No cost to employees
  • Resume and profile coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Positive reinforcement






– Service Introduction to the Employee
– Initial Consultation
– Enhance individual interview skills
– Develop and improve their CV
– Advice on job market (GCC)
– Spec the employee profile to potential employers
– Profiles will be on hotlist for next available position within Propel
Our company will assign a professional to meet in site with the employee and present company’s mission and services along with setting up a tailored action plan that matches employee’s goals.
Our outplacement professionals help you prepare for interviews by going over answers to common and difficult questions. And will Recommend research and practice tasks to improve your interview skills.
This stage involves a thorough assessment of the employees past and current responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses, goals, and more. Our career consultants will work with the employee to develop a portfolio of insightful documents and profiles that highlight the appropriate skills in a modern, professional format and speak directly to the opportunities.
Our experts will provide employee with up to date information and knowledge on the job market and current recruitment processes.
Holding a number of 500+ clients, (60% in Engineering and Manufacturing industries) we guarantee to send your CV to key decision makers and prospective employers. In addition, you will be placed in the hotlist for job vacancies in Propel.
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