• We recognize that the CV is typically the opportunity you have to make a great first impression on a potential new employer.

• We help tailor your CV to ensure your CV effectively communicates your skills and experience and, more importantly, your 'fit' for the job.


• The importance of developing interview skills can often be underestimated.

• We provide guidance on the types of questions to expect and how best to answer them.

• We will go through with you the qualities and attributes an employer is usually trying to assess in each interview.

• Our aim is to raise your confidence, competence and belief that you can secure an offer during each interview you attend.


• We guarantee to submit your CV to key decision makers in a minimum of 5 prospective employers.

• We will discuss and share this list of employers with you.


• It is commonplace for employers to use social media to both search for and background check candidates before an offer is made.

• We provide advice on ensuring your online profile is optimized across the relevant social media platforms and also ensure there is nothing on your profile that would deter an employer from making an offer.

• We assist you draft an effective online ‘CV’ that communicates who you are and the value you can add to an organization.


• We recognize that getting a job needs to be treated like a project – it requires planning, action and follow-up. It can also be difficult, demoralizing and require the candidate to demonstrate high levels of persistence in order to succeed.

• We believe that an action plan in the form of a 'Roadmap' is a valuable tool for you on this journey.

• We break down the job hunting process step-by-step: