Temp Recruitment/ Payroll Services​

Benefits of our Payroll Service​
Propel Consult understands the complexity of the different classes and categories of staff, benefit allowances, holiday accruals and expense reimbursements and more. That’s why we are here to provide the solution to relieve you of all your payroll problems where you will save costs long-term, improve candidate quality, accelerate the onboarding process, and minimize turnover.


  • Cost Control. Alleviate costs and legal risks associated with employment while accessing necessary talent


  • Utilize Furloughed/Laid off Staff. Employees that were let go due to business declines have the skills and experience needed to do the job at hand. Don’t let those skills go to waste when business returns


  • Risk Mitigation. Alleviate the legal risk of Co-Employment or future reductions in force


  • Staff for Projects and Contracts. Utilize experts such as former employees, consultants or specialists for low-risk, short-term engagements


  • On-the-Job Evaluation. Identify and evaluate new employees on the job prior to a formal offer of employment


  • Comply with Corporate Hiring Mandates. Downsize full-time headcounts, comply with corporate hiring freeze policies, or manage an internal contingent workforce
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