Bahrain’s $29.5 million infrastructure investment: A step towards a more sustainable future

Bahrain has invested $29.5 million in nine infrastructure projects, with a primary focus on road improvements. The government has also allocated $4.7 million to upgrade sewage infrastructure. These investments are expected to improve public services and infrastructure in Bahrain.


  • The four road projects include essential maintenance works for the Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Causeway, the second phase of the South Bahrain Ring Road (including a tunnel), as well as the 27th Street and 79th Road Development Project in Saar.
  • The sewage infrastructure project will upgrade key sewage networks across Bahrain.


Shaikh Mishal emphasized that these projects are part of the ministry’s commitment to improving public services and upgrading the country’s infrastructure to meet the changing needs of its citizens. The projects also aim to boost the national economy and support ongoing urban and investment development initiatives.


Shaikh Mishal also announced that bids are being invited for an additional eight infrastructure projects, with an estimated total cost of $28.8 million. The projects span various sectors, including roads, sewage, and water. The projects are expected to contribute to the ongoing progress and development of Bahrain’s infrastructure.


The awarding of these infrastructure projects shows that Bahrain is committed to creating a sustainable and resilient environment for its residents. Bahrain is also working to meet the demands of a growing population and support economic prosperity. These efforts are positioning Bahrain as a regional hub for development and investment.


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