Working Out Together Makes You Work Better Together

They say couples who sweat together, stick together. You can imagine the same rule applying to colleagues. I know what you’re thinking, we spend almost half of our working days with our colleagues and seeing them after work regularly might sounds a little too much but hear me out, it can have an amazing effect on your personal and professional relationships than what you’d expect.


Benefits of working out with co-workers


Say goodbye to stress

A recent study has found that exercising with people you know reduces stress by more than 25% and has a great impact on the quality of your life. Results showed those who train as a team have improved their health mentally (12.6%), physically (24.8%) and emotionally (26%). In comparison, those who train alone did not see a significant change in their health as the ones who work out in groups.


Strengthen that bond

A lot of us are sleeping on the possibility of our coworkers being long lasting friends. When you work out with your coworker, you will spend more time with them and ends up being closer to them through conversing, which you will find out about their background, family, interests and more. And the thing about working with a close coworker is that it allows you to enjoy work more and have fun while doing it.


Become each other’s cheerleaders

While you and your colleague are working out, you will have the chance to support and encourage each other through the tough and sweat sessions, in addition, you will challenge yourself more and sit new goals instead of sticking to the same old working out routine every time you hit the gym.


Reducing stress, having a better physical and emotional health, forming stronger work relationships, getting a new friend and a supporter are only few reasons to consider when you decide to work out with a coworker. What do you think? Is it a good idea to work out with a coworker?



Written by: Fatema Shehab

(Senior Recruitment Manager)


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