Tips for Finding Your Dream Job

Are you feeling tired from all of the time you spend on job oriented websites or sending resumes to dozens (or more) companies? Do you feel like you might be doing something wrong? If so, you are not alone. Many people seeking a job (whether it is their first job after graduating or just a new job and change in careers) experience what is called “burnout”.



Often, it begins with someone using the most common job search tools and then beginning to respond to any employer requests for submissions. Yet, your job search fatigue may have started right with that first search engine request for “jobs” in your industry.
If you want to find your dream job, it is important that you know exactly what words to use as you look for it, and to be certain that it is actually your ideal job. In this article, we are going to briefly review the simple process of identifying your dream job and then using that information to conduct a flawless job search that gets you on the path you so desire.



  • Understand your priorities – Let’s say you want a private sector job in information technology. You have the education and training, and your dream job is…? It is up to you to take the time to actually write down five top priorities you have in your job hunt. It can be whatever you desire – pay, company mission, job responsibilities, growth potential…this is up to you. If you skip this step, you might interview with the right companies but the wrong jobs.


  • Take it to the next level – Use that list of priorities to begin making a list of job criteria that meets those priorities. For example, if you are in IT and you want a job with growth opportunity, but one that also has some creativity, these must appear in your criteria. Try to streamline this list of words to only a few, as this is what you will begin to use in any job searches. It is also helpful to know that this will enable you to cater your CV or resume to the job much more easily.


  • Use the criteria to do a search – Once you have committed yourself to this process, you will be able to more readily find jobs that line up with your goals and dreams. Read the job descriptions closely, and spend time applying strictly for those that meet your criteria.



It may seem as if you are being too demanding, or required to do a lot of research, but it is only when you focus a lot of energy and attention on finding the right job for your goals that you can win your dream job.





Written by: Barry Prost


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